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Questions to Ask Your Caterer When Planning an Event

When planning an event, you always want to book a caterer with the heartiest menu. Knowing how to hire a caterer can be challenging, especially now that a lot of providers have their own offerings. To ensure that your event will fill hungry stomachs and satisfy the guests’ cravings, it will help to ask the following questions first:

Can you arrange a tasting session?

Knowing how to choose the best sacramento catering service starts by tasting their dishes. Choose a caterer that will schedule a taste test on a schedule most convenient for you. This will let you gauge if the guests will like the taste of the meals they will prepare. Also, this will let you explore culinary styles before signing up to a caterer.

Can you accommodate special nutritional needs?

If you’re expecting guests with allergies and intolerances, it’s important that you ask this upfront. It’s ideal if the caterer can prepare food that is Kosher, vegan, and Halal-friendly. It all boils down to who you will be inviting for the event. Also, kid-friendly meals are important to ask about.

Do you have health permits or insurance?

Don’t just base your option on the taste of the food. Ask if the event catering services have necessary permits and liability insurance. It’s important that the company meets all the health requirements as imposed by the governing bodies of its industry. This will protect you, your guests, and the caterers from possible problems.

What are your specialty dishes?

If you haven’t decided about the menu, you can ask recommendations from the caterers in sacramento ca based on your guests’ potential taste. One of the good qualities of a good caterer is their willingness to suggest and develop a menu with their clients.

Do you have any electrical or water needs?

You should also ask about the caterer’s water and electrical needs so you can pick the right venue or come up with necessary fixes. Since caterers will use special equipment for the food preparation and presentation, make sure that you clarify this part well before you sign a contract. Some caterers can bring their own equipment for this but it might cost a separate fee.

Who will handle the service during the event?

It’s important that you know who will be the people that will work on your event. Ask about the person you will coordinate or talk to during the day. Also, inquire about the attire of the staff. If your event has a specific theme, you can also request that the staff follow suit.

How do you handle staff tipping?

Always ask about tipping set up to avoid awkward situations during the event. Generally, it’s not appropriate, etiquette-wise, to put tip jars for bartenders at any event. Still, tipping can be done in a discreet manner. Clarifying this will save your guest from the embarrassment.


Knowing how to hire a caterer the right way will save you from the embarrassment. Also, it will ensure that your guest will be satisfied with the food that they will be served.